Ear Candling

How does Ear Candling work?

With the ear candle inserted into the ear, the heat from the flame creates a stimulating and soothingly warm effect on the tissues in and around the ear. The mechanics of this process are partly physical and partly energetic in nature. The result is a stimulation of lymphatic drainage in the entire head and neck region. The Eustachian tubes open and relax allowing improved drainage and pressure equalization. The sinuses are triggered to start draining. The body’s disease-fighting immune response is greatly enhanced in strength. This means quicker recovery and a decrease in symptom severity from many illnesses. In essence, Ear Candling strengthens the bodily systems, which helps a client’s day-to-day sense of well being. A very effective health building tool!

Benefits Reported by Clients:

• Helps with most conditions of the ear, nose and throat

• Provides an instant boost to your immune system

• Is a spectacular cold remedy

• Helps prevent and reduce many types of headaches

• Helps clear sinus congestion

• Is very effective at improving lymphatic drainage

• Improves hearing and balance

• Brings harmony to the endocrine and limbic systems

• Reduces inner stress levels by calming the flight-fight state

• Helps balance energy distribution in brain hemispheres

• Dramatically strengthens and tunes the energy body

Relief of pressure in cases of sinusitis, headaches, migraines, congestion, ear infection, and “swimmer’s ear”

• Reports of subtle changes in energy flow

• Un-blockage of impacted cerumen (ear wax)

• Clients report improvements in hearing and breathing

• Relief from vertigo or dizziness

• Relief from tinnitus or head noises

• Helps hearing aids function more efficiently by cleaning ear canal

Ear candling does not depend on any vacuum related aspects to accomplish these and many other amazing benefits. This energy based healing tool opens existing passages, encourages flow, and strengthens our health capacity on many levels.

Note:  If a client has problems with their ears AngelHands recommends consulting with a doctor, ear candling is not a medical procedure.

An ear Candling  takes about 1 hour and includes 2 candles or 1 1/2 hrs. and includes 4 candles. Both sessions include a deeply relaxing neck, shoulder, scalp and facial massage concentrating on lymphatic drainage. Also includes stress reducing reflexology on the hands & ears.


Your Investment:  Initial Session $65/1hr includes 2 candles or $95/1.5hr-2hrs includes 4 candles

Follow ups $60/45min-1hr includes 2 candles or $90/1.5hr includes 4 candles

"The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love." -Marianne Williamson


$65 per one hour session when prepaying for four sessions

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