“I had the lovely experience of working with Kathie during my third trimester of pregnancy. I had severe nausea and vomitting and wanted to help ease these symptoms, as well as, work towards a positive birth experience. Kathie’s calm and supportive presence put my anxiety of my approaching labour and delivery at ease. Kathie provided craniosacral therapy which I experienced as a light tapping over different areas of the body. I felt an instant calming sensation which lasted long after the session was over. I ended up having an amazing birth experience and nausea was drastically reduced. Keep up the amazing work, Kathie!”

-Katherine McCarthy

“After my first treatment with Kathie I was feeling 75% better almost immediately, then went back for another treatment two weeks later, and have been feeling 100% ever since. The combination of Kathie’s Craniosacral treatment along with the calming and grounded conversation I know is what healed my back pain. I will not hesitate to visit Kathie for treatments next time I am feeling pain, stress, or anxiety. Kathie does indeed have AngelHands!”                                                               

-Carley Stenson


“I first met Kathie about 4 years ago and I received an ear candling treatment. It was an amazing treatment and Kathie’s warm, kind, caring energy made me feel welcome. A few months ago, I had a very serious accident and was hospitalized. I knew I needed not only medical help but also spiritual and psycho-spiritual help. I contacted Kathie and she came to the hospital to start treatments for me. It was phenomenal – after each treatment I was more relaxed and could feel that my healing was progressing quickly. I highly recommend Kathie for energy treatments and healings – she is loving, compassionate, professional and sincere.”                                   

-Marnie McBain

“For years I have suffered with depression and have had to take anti-depressants. I still do. However, since visiting Kathie Heasler, Holistic Practitioner, at AngelHands, I have noticed a diminishing of symptoms of depression. Even though I still have to take my medication I am hoping that with continued visits to Kathie, I may be able to stop taking the “happy pills”, as I call them, for good. This of course would be at the discretion of my doctor as one must be weaned off them gradually. My mental and physical health seems to have improved since visiting Kathie and I can say she really does have magic hands! I would recommend her to everyone.”

-Linda Moors

“Kathie’s healing touch this Good Friday is one gift that keeps on giving. I’ve been pain free for 4 days at this point. I haven’t needed my daily pain medication and I actually was able to drive to see my mother 3 hours away for the first time in 6 months without any pain. Kathie, I cannot thank you enough, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again even sooner.”

-Natalie Kyle, RN

“When I began seeing Kathie for Craniosacral, I realized how spiritually connected she was. The work Kathie does is extraordinary and I have referred to her sessions like a salad; she has a little bit of everything present.  Kathie listens to her intuition and gives you what you need at the time – I am always amazed at how in tune she is with my energy. Many of my sessions bring me into a deep state of relaxation some deep enough that I have had out-of-body experiences. I have also made a lot of progress on my journey through life and been able to process many things which have brought me understanding and awareness concerning my cycles and needs. I have discovered I am holding emotional issues in different parts of my body, therefore blocking the energy flow. Kathie has done a remarkable job of helping me to unblock certain areas. For many years I have suffered from pain in my knees. Craniosacral has relieved this pain. Kathie makes you feel comfortable and her space enhances the quality of your healing experience. I always feel renewed and energized after each session with her. I am so grateful to have had Kathie cross my path.  She is an incredible person and healer.  She is extremely talented in her work, and I hope to continue my healing journey with her for as long as possible.  I am honored to call her my friend.”

-Amanda Camacho

“Kathie’s treatments are incredibly relaxing.  I find myself letting go of tension & resting into a state of ease & peace.  For me it’s like pushing the re-set button so I can go back to my life renewed & relaxed.”

-Adam Prinsen, ND

“Kathie…there is a reason I keep coming back.  You intuitively know what I need and your Angel hands expertly go to work healing and calming my body and soul. Thank You” 

-Jane Doidge

“Everyone needs balance.  In today’s society it is hard with so much going on.  Having heard lots about cranio but had never tried it, I thought I would see if it could bring me the equilibrium I needed.  It does!  I have been going one to two times a month to Kathie for the last few years, and I feel great.  It is my outlet to let me rid my mind of unnecessary info, feelings, and stresses.  I take the time to reflect how I am spending my time, and assessing if I could be more productive to enrich my life.  I have discovered my inner self and understand myself better than I ever have.  I have found my balance and thank Kathie for her attentiveness and AngelHands.”

-Kerri Sohm

“As a former registered massage therapist, I can say without a doubt, Kathie’s technique is the most holistic I have ever experienced. On the table, I am able to focus on the healing taking place throughout my entire body and my mind does not wander.   Kathie’s technique feels very intuitive and not only do I feel refreshed afterward, I feel more aware of how I can take better care of myself.  The space Kathie provides her clients is warm and inviting.  Before I’m on the table I’ve already forgotten about the world.  I cannot recommend Kathie’s AngelHands enough.”

 –Mary Nelson

“I have been going to Kathie for about three years now.  From the moment I walk in she makes me feel relaxed and like I am the only one that matters. I keep going back to Kathie as she incorporates all her different healing modalities into one session and I find it is the one time I can fully let go of all that is on my mind. Thank you Kathie you truly have angel hands.”

-Donna Suggitt

I originally tried Polarity out of curiosity, not because of any specific problem or health concern. The effect of Polarity has been significant, helping be become more aware of and involved in my whole state of health. In the month following my first polarity session, I felt a considerable emotional change that I hadn’t anticipated. I felt fiery, strong, more confident and assertive. I was able to successfully handle two personal situations that I had been dreading for over a year, and which normally would have caused me a lot of anxiety and fear. After another treatment, I experienced the miracle of a full night of uninterrupted meaningful nighttime dreams, and feeling more focused and grounded during the day.  Even though I hadn’t noticed, before receiving Polarity treatments I was generally lethargic, and bored with my work.  These days, I have more energy for exercising and more interest in the projects I’m involved in.


Polarity Therapy has also initiated a process of personal change in my life.  I am connecting with emotions, memories and behavior patterns that affect my daily life in different ways and need my conscious attention.  What I appreciate most about it is that the changes are gentle and manageable while still being very meaningful.

Two things really impress me about Kathie and her abilities as a therapist.  First, at each session, she took time to get a holistic picture of me as a person – my physical health, my emotional well-being  my lifestyle habits, and my spiritual practices and views.  She does so in a sensitive, respectful way and genuinely listens and cares.

Then, there is the treatment itself – a gentle and loving and complete experience.  During each treatment Kathie places her hands on various parts of my body, from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet and various spots in between, sometimes gently massaging  sometimes simple holding the energy in and around me.  Somehow, in a subtle but very moving way, these techniques seem to “awaken” this energy, or maybe awaken me to the energy.  Either way, I am becoming more aware of it.  It moves or flows where it is most naturally meant to.  Blocked energy is often released during the treatments, allowing me to let go of old memories, beliefs or habits, with pain and anxiety  Other times, I simply feel restored, balanced or clearer than I felt before the treatment.

Kathie is intuitively guided – I can say this with certainty because on several occasions during the treatments I have felt things (like a change in energy at certain places in my body, or an ache, or a feeling of fear or tension) and even though I don’t say anything about them, within moments, Kathie responds to them, either by moving her hands to that area to assist, or by commenting or asking me questions. At each session, we begin with a brief chat about how things have been going for me, and from that conversation and our history together so far, Kathie has a keen sense of what I need at that time and applies specific techniques that are slightly different each time to meet my current needs.  It’s impressive and reassuring.”

-Rosemary Mason

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.” - Wayne W. Dyer


$65 per one hour session when prepaying for four sessions

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