Intentional Truth

“Are you living your truth? Following your heart, your bliss? The answers cannot be found by looking outside yourself, only by looking within do you connect with your authentic self!”

Lotus imageMy path toward self-healing actually began in the last years of the previous millennium. Back then I was working full-time as a Chiropractic Health Assistant in Kingston, Ontario. In my spare time I was learning about universal laws, and studying Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, all of which helped deepen my understanding of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. In 2002, I left the world of Chiropractic and found myself journeying along a different route than the one I thought I was expected to take.

It was then that I began listening to my heart! Let me explain what I mean.

In 2003, feeling lost & unsure of where to turn I found a book at my local library entitled “All Women Are Healers”. As I read the book I found I was very drawn to the section on Polarity therapy. At the time I did not understand what I was reading, but somehow I knew I needed to know more. So I performed an internet search for Polarity Therapy. The first & only local ‘hit’ was for some place called the Swan Health Centre in Peterborough, Ontario and the contact was a woman named Lilli Swanson. Keep in mind, at that point I had never been to Peterborough, nor met Lilli, and yet I had a strong heart-sense that this was where I needed to be. I called Lilli right away. Two weeks later and still following what my heart was telling me I needed to do I found myself driving for 2 ½ hrs from Kingston to her centre in Peterborough in order to attend an introductory workshop on Polarity Therapy. Over the next few years I would travel to Peterborough for more than a dozen long weekends worth of training in the art of Polarity Therapy. While undergoing the training in Peterborough I also worked part-time for a spa and took additional courses in massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. It was then that I met my life partner Jason. In 2006, we were blessed to receive our beautiful son who was born successfully at home.

In 2008, our family moved to Peterborough, so I could begin my studies in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. In Sept 2010, I opened a practice in my home in the West End of Peterborough. Working at home has been amazing not only for developing my practice but for strengthening ties to my family. I am continually inspired by my clients’ courage in letting go of old patterns that no longer serve them. I have also come to realize that my true purpose is not to fix but rather to facilitate a safe space for my clients so they can feel empowered. The work I do may appear subtle, and yet, I believe it is truly effective for deepening the heart’s awareness toward healing.

In my spare time I love to photograph nature, bike, camp, meditate, practice Yoga, hike and any opportunity to connect with nature.”


“Healing from the inside out begins with self awareness, an open heart & the courage to change!”


“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.” - Eckhart Tolle


$65 per one hour session when prepaying for four sessions

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